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Art Direction, Graphic Design, UI Design, Branding

A minimal, clean aesthetic reduces the complexities involved with medical decision making—a particularly valuable quality when emotional factors are considered.

GSK, Amerisource Bergen, Becton Dickinson, AVMA, CVS Health, The Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals (GACH), PTC Therapeutics, Tennessee Hospital Association (THA), UnitedHealth Group (UHG), Oconee Urgent Care, University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine


GSK PAC was a long time client that required unique positioning between health design and accessible political giving. Without fully emulating the parent brand, GSK PAC stood apart as a sub-campaign created to uphold all of GSK's values while imagining a separate space for industry motivated employees.

Amerisource Bergen

The drug wholesale company rebranded in 2021 and required PAC deliverables that were meticulously crafted to reflect & enhance their new styling. The design that followed required careful consideration of their look and feel while staying true to accessible principles.

Becton Dickinson

Web and email design.

United Healthcare Group

UHG requested a custom website with more interactivity and dynamic modules to give the impression that they were pulling data in real time. I leveraged a carousel, surveys, recent and most popular articles, and plenty of movement to accomplish this site overhaul.

University of Georgia Vet Med

UGA recruited me to update all existing scientific materials including posters, e-books, and quarterly reports.

Urgent Care of Oconee

Logo and branding for the Athens-based urgent care clinic.

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