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National Rural Electric Cooperative Association: Voices for Cooperative Power

NRECA approached my design team with the challenge of engaging co-op members that could help make the biggest impact in conversations about energy policies. To do so we observed their current base of followers and used data to distinguish 4 different unique groups for outreach, ultimately developing a website and a suite of media to target them where they were most active.


NRECA was unsure of their target audience. We needed to find a way recruit the appropriate users along with ensuring enough diversity for political relevance.


Leveraging industry-leading market research we narrowed down 4 segments that represented the majority of NRECA's follower base.


To generally appeal to multiple audiences, we leveraged friendly, illustrative styling and a grassroots color palette to guide users through the engagement process 


More than 10,000 advocates have shared content and personal stories on social media with ads reaching 50K engagements.

*667 advocates completed the VCP survey, 
116 advocates nominated their co-op in the “Co-op of the Month” contest, 25 advocates have shared infographic content, 15 advocates have proactively shared their personal stories on the website.

*Website exclusive data

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